Get to know us now
Get to know us now
February 2, 2023

1st delegation trip to Mexico

Touchdown in Mexico.

As one of nine companies, we were able to introduce our product to the guests invited by the German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce at the beginning of the delegation trip in Mexico City. Afterwards, our guests had the opportunity to talk to us directly. After the evening reception with guests from the German Embassy and the Mexican Football Association, the following two days saw further discussions with local authorities, event organizers and the trade fair in Mexico City.

Historic sports site we have visited in the last two days. One was the Olympic Stadium and the Aztec Stadium. They are both getting on in years, but both are still used almost every weekend for American soccer or soccer. Only Atzeken Stadium is slated for the 2026 FIFA World Cup - extensive renovation work will also take place here starting this summer. It may also be that Atzeken Stadium markets its naming rights for the first time in its long history.

We spent the last two days of the Mexico trip together with the delegation in Monterrey. We visited the modern police station of Monterrey, met the German consul Fritz Eisele Thurau, had dinner with the mayor of Guadalupe Maria Cristina Diaz and of course visited the stadium in Monterrey / Guadalupe. One of the three venues for the FIFA World Cup 2026.

It was a great trip to a great country. We saw many opportunities and I am sure we will stay in touch with the people we met. Thank you to AHK Mexico | CAMEXA and to all the companies that accompanied us, such as Advancis Software & Services, AIRSENSE Analytics® GmbH, GEUTEBRUCK GmbH, our partners from Lufthansa Industry Solutions, ESRA GmbH, ISN International Security Network GmbH, Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH and MOVETOS.

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