The solution for event management.

Venue Planner digitises staff planning for events, is the solution for event safety and security planning and helps create hygiene concepts for events.

Digital event planning

Thanks to phase planning and dot mapping, event safety and security is increased. Use Venue Planner also in event risk assessment for your digital event planning.

Plan something big!

  • Dot Mapping

    Dot Mapping

    Place your staff on your event plan at the click of a mouse while automatically keeping the budget under control. As a graphical representation or even as an export - personnel planning for events is the basis for event safety planning. You can plan the material for your event just as easily – simply Drag-and-drop.
  • Risk Assessment

    Risk Assessment

    Always keep an eye on risks. Venue Planner transfers risk management for events into the intuitive interface and helps to locate, assess and manage all risks in your event. The concept of phase planning also applies in this module and contributes to event safety.
  • Draw to scale

    Draw to scale

    Assign specific areas to your functional areas. Define distances between individual points and visualise them on your event plan as part of your security planning and safety planning. Determine the length of fences and barriers and incorporate them precisely into your digital event planning via georeferencing.
  • Hygiene concepts

    Under the impression of the Corona pandemic, personnel position plans can be created, but also risk evaluations can be set up in a time-dependent manner - and these components can be incorporated into required hygiene concepts. Both integrated phase planning and staff planning with regard to event safety play important roles.

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