Get to know us now
Get to know us now

Living knowledge partnership

Venue Planner and IBIT are connected by a long-standing partnership in theory and practice. Whether in the context of events or joint training courses, colleagues from both companies have already worked together successfully many times.

These shared experiences help to practically plan events with the software and overlay them with IBIT's knowledge approach.
Especially in the area of risk management, synergies can be used sensibly and implemented technically on this basis.

IBIT GmbH deals with the security of people (crowds) on different levels in the context of education, consulting, research:

In addition to a wide range of seminars, IBIT GmbH advises numerous customers, writes safety and evacuation concepts and accompanies approval procedures, among other things. In the area of research, the focus is on the further development of existing ideas and the continuous transfer of knowledge.

Every year, the IBIT Symposium on Event Security also takes place.
Sharing knowledge and maintaining and expanding networks form the basis for collaborations such as those that Venue Planner and IBIT live.

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