Get to know us now
Get to know us now
26 October 2022

8th IBIT symposium in Cologne

On November 16 and 17, the IBT symposium will take place in the Rhein Energie Stadium in Cologne. Venue Planner will also be there with its own booth. On the first day of the event Rainer Schüler will moderate the topic "Learning from disaters - or not?

That's what it's all about: Most of you will remember the pictures from Wembley or from the Astroworld Festival and the question hovering over everything: WHY? Why do such things still happen, even though we have seen them go wrong hundreds of times? Do we really have such a bad memory, even dementia? Or are we too arrogant and believe that it can't happen to us?

Learning from what has already happened (to others) is part of the tools of modern security planning. It is not a matter of transferring what others have experienced 1:1 to one's own reality. The reaction to the events at the Love Parade showed what happened: every underpass, no matter how small, was declared a dangerous hot spot, every event was viewed only from the perspective of "this shouldn't end here like it did in Duisburg" - of course, that's not the point either. What is at stake is the use of an opportunity. The chance to keep one's own thinking flexible and to deal with things that lie beyond one's own horizon of experience. No one will ever be able to guarantee that we won't run into really bad and / or very unpredictable situations and, of course, preventive engagement is no guarantee of prudent action - but it's certainly better than "never having thought about it". Many events - even the very rare and potentially "improbable" ones have aspects of actually quite normal safety planning in their course: from knowledge of responsibilities to missing / existing / unknown resources to factual procedures. So however bad the events are: we must use them, we must learn from them, we must not forget them